Wrestling and boxing gong-shaped alarm clocks test your reaction time

<img src="" /> <a href="../2009/09/01/traffic-light-alarm-clock-with-extra-loud-40mm-speaker/">Japan</a> <a href="../2009/02/10

Traffic light alarm clock with extra-loud 40mm speaker

<img src="" /> For some reason, Japan has a thing for strange alarm clocks. Think of the <a href="

Twinkle Pict is a digital Zoetrope that can help you relax

<img src="" /> <a href="">Banpresto</a> in Japan will soon release the Twi

Facebank 2: The creepiest piggy bank ever?

<img src="" /> Creepy gets an upgrade. <a href="

No idea why, but they made a USB-powered shaking hip (video)

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New alarm clock shaped like a railroad crossing sign wakes you up with annoying signals

The sleep-deprived Japanese seem to have a soft spot for wacky alarm clocks. Now Tokyo-based toy and video game maker Banpresto presents an alarm clock in the shape of a Japanese railroad crossing sig