New alarm clock shaped like a railroad crossing sign wakes you up with annoying signals

The sleep-deprived Japanese seem to have a soft spot for wacky alarm clocks. Now Tokyo-based toy and video game maker Banpresto presents an alarm clock in the shape of a Japanese railroad crossing sign.

Banpresto hasn’t included its newest product on their own website yet but the (official) promo picture above says the clock has extra-large speakers (40mm) to make sure you wake up when the alarm (“Kan! Kan! Kan! Gatan! Gotan! Gatan”) rings. The alarm can be stopped by pushing the red button on the right of the device.

The clock will probably be Japan-only when it comes out in January 2009. But I am sure this special shop (English) will list it if it gets a sufficient number of inquiries.

Via Akihabara News