bandwidth caps

  • Time Warner looks for best way to drive away customers

    In a bold move that will probably cost them a large portion of their informed customer base, Time Warner cable is going to add a bandwidth cap to their internet services. Essentially, once you exceed your bandwidth for the month, the meter starts running. And since the allocated amounts for each user’s bandwidth each month are, lets face it, kinda low, this looks to be a huge cash cow for… Read More

  • Study: We're running out of bandwidth!

    Nemertes Research has been checking out usage patterns and monitoring bandwidth usage for a while now, and their conclusions are rather alarming if you believe them: by 2012 the internet as it stands will pretty much max out on bandwidth. Readers of tech sites like this one are probably not too surprised about the increasing need for bandwidth in applications, games, and services &mdash… Read More

  • Bandwidth caps don’t concern some video providers

    So Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting next month. While some consumers are up in arms about the true meaning of “unlimited” internet access, others have focused on how these caps will affect the innovation of web-based services, particularly video streaming and downloading. Roku, maker of the Netflix-streaming box (reviewed here), isn’t too… Read More