Bambino app helps parents find babysitters recommended by their neighbors

Parenting young children involves a lot of logistics, including what to do with them when you need to run a last-minute errand, go to an appointment or just have a few hours to decompress. For parents

Bubble wants to tap users’ social graphs for an on-demand babysitting app

Who would you trust more with your kids: a person sent by a babysitting agency or the sitter who watched your friends' kids last weekend?

SittingAround Is Giving Babysitters Free Square Readers, Helps Them Find Jobs

<a href="">SittingAround</a>, the new service that allows parents to quickly and easily find and schedule a babysitter online, is now getting their sitters clients equipp

SittingAround Launches Service To Help Parents Find & Schedule Trusted Sitters

<a href="">SittingAround</a>, a new service that allows parents to quickly and more easily find and schedule a babysitter, is launching today. The business is the creation