HealthTap Buys Avvo’s Health Business, Looks To Become The Go-To Resource For Medical Advice, Info

Instead of anxiously searching Google or WebMD, people would rather turn to a real human being for answers to their pressing health questions -- preferably one who's been to school for 10 years. The p

Avvo Adds Doctors To Their Professional Ranking Service

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/logo1.png">While my own doctor, Shaky McSliceyhands MD, doesn't appear in their rankings, <a HREF="http://www.avvo.com/">Avvo.com</a> has adde

Ambulance Chasers Have A New Home, SueEasy

Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Suing TechCrunch? To answer these questions, soon-to-launch SueEasy.com is hoping you turn to them before the white pages, FindLaw, or ratings s

Lawyers Sue Lawyer Ratings Site

Lawyer ratings site Avvo is being sued by lawyers unhappy with negative ratings. The complaint on behalf of Seattle lawyers John Henry Browne and Alan Wenokur says Avvo is deceptive, unfair and violat