Ambulance Chasers Have A New Home, SueEasy

sueeasy_logo.pngHave you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Suing TechCrunch? To answer these questions, soon-to-launch is hoping you turn to them before the white pages, FindLaw, or ratings sites like Avvo. They’re currently in a private beta, tweaking the service.

The site is kind of a reverse directory for lawyers that’s sure to be a haven for personal injury lawsuits. It’s similar in concept to what ThemBid is doing with auctions for local services. Instead of searching for a lawyer, you list your case and lawyers find you. The site handles two major kinds of cases, class action and individual. Each of those sections is then divided into sub-categories such as DUI/DWI, bankruptcy, or asbestos settlements. Plaintiffs list their grievances in these categories and attach any relevant documentation.

sueeasy_screensmall.pngLicensed lawyers, and only lawyers, can log on and review the listings, hunting for attractive cases. Anyone can join a class action lawsuit, though. Lawyers bid to contact potential clients with the highest bidder winning and Sue Easy getting the money. However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the counsel after reviewing their profile and reviews. You can always pass and move on to another lawyer.

But I’m not so sure if taking the highest bidder is the best system. It cuts down on consumer’s selection to one at a time. I imagine there will be cases where a close second to the highest bidder may serve a clients needs better but is closed off from contact.

Sue Easy was a TechCrunch 40 semi-finalist and is currently taking private beta testers.