Apple Adds Guide On Browser Security In Wake Of China Hack

Apple has released an updated iCloud security support document with instructions on how to avoid man-in-the-middle type attacks like those affecting customers in China reported over the past couple of

Several U.S. States Now Investigating Ebay Cyberattack

Several U.S. states, including Connecticut, Florida, and Illinois, are jointly leading an investigation into eBay’s security practices, following eBay’s reveal this week of a massive cyber

In-Depth Security Analysis of Portable Encrypted Hard Drive

<img src="" />Jeroen Domburg, aka "sprite", has written an <em>excellent</em> step-by-step security analysis of the iStorage Disk

Intel admits it was target of "sophisticated" attack

<img src="" />Google was attacked by hackers in China. Microsoft reports that they're the target of hackers all day, every day. Now I

Unpatched PCs put in compromising situation in under four minutes

According to researchers at the SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC), an unpatched PC will last in the wilds of the Web less than four minutes before being attacked and compromised. That’s faster than m