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  • Genentech's (And Apple Board Member) Arthur Levinson Leaves Google Board

    Genentech chairman Arthur D. Levinson is resigning from Google’s Board of Directors, the Mountain View company announced earlier this morning. His departure comes shortly after Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt resigned from the board of Apple, where Levinson is also a director. No reason for the departure was given in the statement, but it’s safe to assume that it has… Read More

  • About Schmidt: Does The FTC Really Think Apple And Google Are Too Buddy Buddy?

    In terms of big companies with an overall glowing public perception these days, two seem to stand above all others: Apple and Google. And the two share a lot in common — notably, a common enemy in Microsoft, and both share two board members. The latter is apparently the subject of a new FTC investigation into possible antitrust ties, The New York Times has learned. Specifically, Eric… Read More