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  • Art Lebedev Studio' Optimus Mini Six Hits Production, Will Land On Desks Later This Year

    The Optimus Mini Six is a smaller and less expensive way to add a bit of OLED magic to your desk rather than springing for the full-size keyboard. This little guy is in the early production stages according to the company’s official blog. Apparently they plan on releasing it later this year with the full-size Optimus Popularis coming next year. Knowing the company’s history of… Read More

  • Art Lebedev Studio's Mus3 Arrow Mouse Shoots Right Through The FCC

    Remember this mouse? Maybe not. It hit way back in 2006 when Art Lebedev OLED-equipped Optimus Keyboard was all the rage. As with so many random gadgets, the Mus2 was quickly forgotten but it seems that it’s headed towards a US release. At least that’s what an FCC filing for a very similiar mouse named the Mus3 seems to state. Read More

  • Optimus Popularis will cost less than $1,000, remain irrelevant

    I think of Art Lebedev’s odd creations the way I think of expensive, weird sex toys – maybe someone will buy one, but any way you slice it it’s not going to take off. Anyway, the Optimus Popularis keyboard uses little screens on each key, just like the old Optimus Maximus. However, instead of OLEDs it will use LEDs. The Popularis will sell for under $1,000 and should be… Read More

  • This Art Lebedev mug shows your caffeine power level

    Only Art Lebedev could come up with something so clever, but yet simple, as a temperature-sensitive battery mug. You know, because it shows the ‘power level’ of your hot drink. Get it? $28. [Art Lebedev Store via UberGizmo] Read More

  • Art Lebedev Studio shows off Scartel WiMax handset concepts

    The design studio of Art Lebedev, perhaps most well known for their pocket-melting Optimus OLED keyboard, has been working on some WiMax handset concepts for Scartel, a Russian wireless carrier with plans to blanket Moscow and St Petersburg in WiMax coverage by the end of 2008. Though it’s likely little more than an idea at this point, the penned out concept specs are drool worthy. Read More

  • Optimus Tactus: Yeah, I'm OK with my old keyboard, thanks

    Art Lebedev’s Optimus Keyboard, famous for having little OLED screens on each key and never actually, you know, being purchased by anyone, was the defining meme of the 2006-2007 blogging season. Everyone was all excited for the product and when it finally launched everyone was like “Huh” and kept tapping at their iPhones. Now AL is talking about the Tactus, a full-screen… Read More

  • Next version of Optimus keyboard revealed: Under $1K!

    Ladies and germs, the next version of the Optimus keyboard! Dubbed the Optimus Popularis, it’s currently set to retail for “well below” $1,000. That’s some deal, $1K for a keyboard. Why buy food or pay rent when you can have a cool LED keyboard? All the best stories come from random LiveJournals. Or something. Read More