Art Lebedev Studio shows off Scartel WiMax handset concepts

The design studio of Art Lebedev, perhaps most well known for their pocket-melting Optimus OLED keyboard, has been working on some WiMax handset concepts for Scartel, a Russian wireless carrier with plans to blanket Moscow and St Petersburg in WiMax coverage by the end of 2008.

Though it’s likely little more than an idea at this point, the penned out concept specs are drool worthy. Tucked behind a 850×480 screen (which is presumably touch) lays WiMax, WiFi, 3.5 mm audio, front/rear cameras, an A/V port, microSD, and tri-band GSM. Unlike a number of recent handsets, muting the phone appears to be done via a toggle button rather than a slider switch, which could prove a bit annoying if it’s not recessed enough to prevent accidental presses on its way in and out of your pocket.

No word yet whether this beast-in-beaut’s-clothing will make its way off the drawing pad. We certainly hope so.

[Via Pocket-lint UK]