You’re Still Modeling Growth Incorrectly

When I first got the job running marketing at Mint, founder and CEO Aaron Patzer told me that we had to get Mint to 100,000 users within six months of launching. The number itself didn’t intimidate

SumoMe Is An App Store For Tools To Grow Your Online Traffic

"The first app store for websites" — that's how <a target="_blank" href="">AppSumo</a> co-founder Noah Kagan describes the company's new-ish product <a target="_blank" href="ht

Former Facebooker Noah Kagan Tells Us Why Austin Matters

Noah Kagan can work a room. That's the first thing you'll figure out about him. The second thing you'll learn is that he doesn't want you to move to Austin.

AppSumo Offers Web Software On The Cheap, Targets Latest Deal At Entrepreneurs

<img src="" alt="" />Over the last few years, the web has shown a thirst for time-sensitive deals that offer premium goods at steep disco