SumoMe Is An App Store For Tools To Grow Your Online Traffic

“The first app store for websites” — that’s how AppSumo co-founder Noah Kagan describes the company’s new-ish product SumoMe.

What does that actually mean? Basically, Kagan aims to create a one-stop shop (yes, it’s a cliché, but one I feel justified using since it’s a literal store) where people can find tools to improve their websites. Just add a single line of JavaScript to your site, then click a button every time you want to install or uninstall something.

The List Builder, for example, adds a pop-up window to your site that appears when people are leaving and asks them to sign-up for your email list. That might not sound all that unusual, but again, the point is to give customers one place where they can find these tools and install them immediately.

sumome app store

The current batch of SumoMe apps fall into three broad categories, Kagan said, namely email (including the List Builder), social sharing (including a basic sharing bar) and analytics (including heat maps showing activity on your site). All of the apps were built by the AppSumo team.

In fact, he said the company got into this business because it built these internal tools to increase traffic to the AppSumo website, then decided to make the tools available externally. (AppSumo offers promotional deals on web software — in Kagan’s words, it’s “Groupon for geeks.”)

SumoMe is available via a freemium model, where the basic apps are free, with paid plans for advanced features like more sophisticated A/B testing.

Although Kagan is only starting to promote SumoMe with the press now, the first apps actually became available more than a year ago, and the platform now reaches 25 million unique visitors every day. Customers include Airbnb, theChive, Complex and Tim Ferriss.

Update: I just got this comment from Eric Spielman, vice president of product at Resignation Media (which runs theChive):

We’re currently using SumoMe’s products to power our sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile web. Their products allow us to make on-the-fly changes for design, layout and functionality without changing any code. Noah and his team are also lightning fast at responding to changes in the marketplace, allowing us to stay ahead of the latest user trends in social sharing.