Abundant Robotics rakes in $10 million for apple harvesting robots

GV (formerly Google Ventures) is leading a $10 million investment in Abundant Robotics, a company building apple-picking robots that could eventually be adapted to harvest other fruits. Joining GV in

iOS 5 To Have Powerful Face Detection

After <a HREF="">Apple's</a> purchase of face recognition <a HREF="">software p

How you like them Apples?

A Japanese Apple fan with a Fuji orchard decided to grow some Apple Apples by placing a sticker on the skin as it matured. The results, as we see, look delicious and significantly more edible than an

Apple says NYC's new apple logo infringes on its trademark

So the Internet is freaking out because of this Wired story detailing an Apple, Inc. complaint against the City of New York and its new “green” Apple logo. Because Apple, the company, is r