Apple says NYC's new apple logo infringes on its trademark


So the Internet is freaking out because of this Wired story detailing an Apple, Inc. complaint against the City of New York and its new “green” Apple logo. Because Apple, the company, is represented by an apple, the fruit, Apple, the company, believes that the new logo, which is part of the city’s “green” awareness campaign, will confuse the market. It sure will! In legalese, the city’s logo will “seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and service.”

Yes, because when I’m waiting for the Q32 bus in lovely, lovely Queens and see that damn “green” logo, I think MacBook Air. First, no one thinks about MacBook Air recreationally, even while waiting for that godawful bus. Second, it’s so clearly about saving the environment—everyone already knows Apple hates the environment.

The City has filed a counterclaim, apparently. Can’t protect the environment without the backing of a clever ad campaign.

via Gawker