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  • France Télécom / Orange Exec Confirms Apple Tablet Is On The Way

    Apple is doing a fine job keeping shush about the tablet computer it has been working on for several years and which is due to be announced later this month in California. But just in case anyone was still in doubt about its imminent launch, France Télécom / Orange executive Stéphane Richard this morning confirmed on air that the device is to debut in the ‘next couple of… Read More

  • The Apple Tablet: Will It Be Called iSlate, iGuide, Or Something Else?

    After discovering that Apple had registered in late 2006 (we dug a little deeper and found trademarks had been filed for ‘ISLATE’ in both the United States and Europe by a company that was most likely a dummy corporation set up by Apple), MacRumors has now discovered another possible name for the upcoming Apple tablet. MacRumors bases its report on the filing for a… Read More

  • Apple's New Tablet To Be Baptized iSlate? Let's Dig A Little Deeper

    Nice scoop by MacRumors, which reportedly retrieved historical evidence that Apple has acquired the domain name back in 2007. Apparently, the Cupertino company registered the domain through brand protection firm Mark Monitor to conceal the fact that the domain name is theirs, as usual, but was briefly listed as the owner at some point in the past nonetheless. If correct, that means… Read More