Apple earbuds

Apple launches the new AirPods Pro with improved battery life and noise cancelation

Three years after announcing the first AirPods Pro, the company has finally launched its upgrade, the second-generation AirPods Pro today at the “Far Out” event with a new H2 chip and impr

The damage of defaults

Apple popped out a new pair of AirPods this week. The design looks exactly like the old pair of AirPods. Which means I’m never going to use them because Apple’s bulbous earbuds don’t

Sorry Apple, I’m still not ready to upgrade my iPhone

Last week, in light of Apple’s revised revenue guidance, my TC colleague Ron Miller made a tongue-in-cheek apology¬†for taking so long to upgrade his old iPhone. He wrote that he had finally bit

Apple ditches the headphone jack on latest iPad Pro models

The headphone jack is missing from the latest versions of the iPad Pro. It’s gone. Dead. Worse yet, the headphones that come with the iPhone will not work either. Apple ditched Lightning for USB

Apple Patents Earbuds With Noise-Canceling Sensor Smarts

Apple continues looking at ways to improve its earbuds -- including potentially ditching the iconic white cables which had such a starring role in iTunes ads, back in the day. According a patent publi