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Luke Beatty departs AOL

AOL’s president of media brands Luke Beatty is stepping down from his position today to spend more time with family. Beatty ran AOL’s tech blogs — including TechCrunch and Engadget 

Listen to the Gears of War 2 soundtrack right now!

The greatest game of all time launches tomorrow and today AOL is going to stream the entire soundtrack every hour at the top of the hour (one track per hour) starting right now. Enjoy Now

AOL Radio heads to iPhone: Tunes into radio stations by calculating where you are

AOL Radio, yet another reason to consider getting an iPhone next month. AOL developed an application—it won an Apple design award—for the iPhone that lets users tune into AOL Radio either

Sorry, world: No more XM on AOL Radio.

AOL and XM are no longer friends, right, (the contract expired) so you can no longer listen to XM Satellite Radio via AOL Radio. For us in the promised land of North America, big deal. We can either p