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As Microsoft Support for XP Expires, Antivirus Vendors Pick Up The Slack

As you might be aware Microsoft support for Windows XP expires today, which means that the company will stop issuing security patches. Around 30 percent of you have ignored all warnings up until now a

Malware Finds People Searching For Pirated Simpsons Episodes

<img src="" />Just a friendly heads-up for those of you looking to stay as safe as possible in your online travels. A post on Kaspers

Google warns about phony anti-virus software that infects you with malware

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Google</a> has warned THE INTERNET to be on the lookout for phony anti-vi

Hardware anti-virus patent awarded to Russian lab

<img src="" />The Russian Kaspersky Lab has itself a shiny, new U.S. patent for a "hardware-based anti-virus system." The basic idea is to

Microsoft has some free anti-virus software up its sleeve

<img src="" />“Oh, FFS!” That's what the likes of Norton and Symantec can be heard saying today with the news that Microsoft plans

Anti-Virus On A USB Drive

When your Windows-based PC becomes infected with an assload of virii and you have no clue how to recover, what do you do? You place an overseas order for DigiWorks’ USB Virus Chaser and pray for