Malware Finds People Searching For Pirated Simpsons Episodes

Just a friendly heads-up for those of you looking to stay as safe as possible in your online travels. A post on Kaspersky’s blog has warned of the dangers of trying to watch pirated TV shows online. In this example, an episode of The Simpsons, hosted on DailyMotion, sends the user on a wild goose chase, the end result of which a machine infected with something like MyWebSearch. You don’t want that nonsense gunking up your system.

The obvious solution to this is to not go hang out on some of the darker corners of the Internet, or if you do to make sure your anti-virus software is completely up-to-date. Whether you want to use a basic, free anti-virus software, or if you want to step up to a more premium, and thorough, anti-virus suite from the likes of McAfee or Kaspersky themselves—they just released the Pure Total Security suite, for example—that’s your call.

But for the love of God use something!