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  • Can OpenID Be Commercialized? Investors Bet $3.25 Million On JanRain

    JanRain has always been on the forefront evangelizing OpenID, the decentralized authentication method for the new Web, as a founding member of the OpenID Foundation. But the company is not a non-profit, and aims to turn the deployment of online identification technology in enterprise environments into a viable business. JanRain just got a vote of confidence from three U.S.-based venture… Read More

  • Former MySpace Exec Shawn Gold Raises Seed Funding For Stealth Startup Cocodot

    Former MySpace CMO Shawn Gold is starting up a new social media business dubbed Cocodot, which is poised for launch next September. The current website for the venture doesn’t reveal much, and all we know at this point about Cocodot is that it will provide a “style-driven communication and guest management platform for people and brands to create celebrations”. We… Read More