Former MySpace Exec Shawn Gold Raises Seed Funding For Stealth Startup Cocodot

Former MySpace CMO Shawn Gold is starting up a new social media business dubbed Cocodot, which is poised for launch next September. The current website for the venture doesn’t reveal much, and all we know at this point about Cocodot is that it will provide a “style-driven communication and guest management platform for people and brands to create celebrations”.

We didn’t get that either, but apparently Gold is close to announcing several alliances with some of America’s biggest consumer brands pre-launch, so our expectations are on the high side. And investors are interested, too. The startup has just closed its first round of financing, securing seed funding from investors like Anthem Venture Partners and William Morris’ Mail Room Fund. The amount raised was just south of $1 million.

For your reference: Gold was the former President of Intermix Media, the company that used to be eUniverse and owned the MySpace website before it was sold to News Corp. for a reported $670 million. He was also President of Weblogs Inc, which was acquired by AOL for $25 million back in 2005.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Cocodot for the foreseeable future.