• 30 years of Final Fantasy

    30 years of Final Fantasy

    December 18, 1987 marked the establishment of a video game franchise that would come to define role-playing games for millions over the next 30 years — but the creators of Final Fantasy didn’t know that at the time. Here’s a look back at this influential series and how it has changed over the years. Read More

  • Anniversary For iPhone Offers A Moment Of Nostalgia In The Age Of Disposable Photos

    Anniversary For iPhone Offers A Moment Of Nostalgia In The Age Of Disposable Photos

    An app called Anniversary offers a new twist on remembering the past via your photo and video memories. Instead of posting to a social network like Facebook, Anniversary lets you share your content with a friend on some future date of your choosing. The idea is to surprise your friends with old photos, instead of just nostalgically reviewing them on your own. Thanks to smartphones, we… Read More

  • 25th Anniversary Red Wii Spotted, May Not Be Coming To The US

    This special edition Red Wii was spotted on the Nintendo Japan site, it’s in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Brothers game. Read More

  • Do one thing, and do it well: 40 years of UNIX

    Generally speaking, 40 is considered “over the hill” in human beings. I’m 35, and as I get closer and closer to the crest of that hill, I can tell you with some certainty that the best is yet to come. I think the same holds true for operating systems. UNIX turns 40 this month. That’s right: it was four decades ago that Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson worked in the… Read More

  • The mobile phone turns 100 years old today

    That svelte mobile phone in your pocket has ancestors that go back 100 years today, when a man named Nathan Stubblefield invented the movable telephone. It had a huge transmitter and needed power, but the idea he came up with echoes in all portable phones today. It was only recently that Stubblefield was recognized as the inventor, so we tip our hats to the man belatedly for helping start… Read More

  • CrunchGear One Year Bash Recap

    Mmmmm… prizes Manhattan’s Red Sky last night played host to a gathering of geeks and geek sympathizers the likes to which the world has never seen (at least not this week, granted it was only a Monday night — but that’s neither here nor there really. You get the point.) Anyway, the occasion? The CrunchGear One Year Anniversary Celebration, of course. What else could… Read More