• The Writer By Jaquet Droz: Getting to Know an Over 200 Year Old Android

    Europe in the mid to late 18th century was not as backwards as some people may believe. In fact, much of the developed world was at a point of incredible intellectual advancement. In Switzerland, for example, a man named Jaquet Droz and his team were building real, honest-to-HAL robots. They didn’t call them that back then, but these automaton androids were incredibly advanced even… Read More

  • Videos: Super-Realistic Female Humanoid Actroid-F

    We have shown you many super-realistic androids from Japan in the past. But Actroid-F, along with what appears to be her twin sister Geminoid-F, certainly take the cake as far as realism is concerned. Actroid-F made a public showing in Tokyo a few days ago, dressed as a nurse who could work in hospitals as an “observer”. Read More

  • The Androids Are Coming, Hide

    Is this video proof that androids are already among us? Are we slowly being taken over without knowing it? Is the world coming to an end? Or did someone just have way too much time on their hands? Anyhoo, here’s to hoping you enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend. Read More