Videos: Super-Realistic Female Humanoid Actroid-F

We have shown you many super-realistic androids from Japan in the past. But Actroid-F, along with what appears to be her twin sister Geminoid-F, certainly take the cake as far as realism is concerned. Actroid-F made a public showing in Tokyo a few days ago, dressed as a nurse who could work in hospitals as an “observer”.

Her maker, Japan-based robot maker Kokoro, says that she is supposed to give patients a heightened sense of security. Actroid-F is very realistic, but actually, she is pretty creepy, too – as you can see in the video embedded below (in which she’s replicating the operators facial expressions and body movements).

Actroid-F, which was billed as the “first true android” by Guinness World Records, weighs just 30kg and is 140cm tall (in a sitting position). Wait a few years for her makers to reduce the mechanical and chopping motions, make her walk, and act more independently.

This is the video:

Here’s another one (in English and Japanese) I grabbed off Kokoro’s website:

Via Plastic Pals via Robotimes [JP]