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3 signs that a startup’s ‘impact’ is just a marketing ploy for investors

For some founders, tying themselves to impact is a way to play into trends and get noticed by investors, but there's a fine line between impact and pushing a narrative for marketing purposes.

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell trucks put to work in Port of LA pilot

Toyota has hydrogen fuel cell transport trucks that generate no local emissions, and that have 670 horsepower and an 80,000-pound total weight capacity. The powertrain includes two of Toyota's Mirai f

Researcher finds new, cheaper way to produce ethanol fuel from waste

<img src="" />Reducing gasoline dependency has been a hot issue for the developed world for some time now. Unfortunately, it has

McCain proposes government offer $300 million for new car battery

Dear Diary, Whilst lying in bed this morning I decided to check the news from my BlackBerry and found out that John McCain thinks the government should offer up a prize of $300 million to anyone who c