McCain proposes government offer $300 million for new car battery

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Dear Diary,

Whilst lying in bed this morning I decided to check the news from my BlackBerry and found out that John McCain thinks the government should offer up a prize of $300 million to anyone who can engineer a new car battery that surpasses current technology. While I like the idea of this, I really don’t think McCain gives a damn about the current state of the planet’s health. Our country is far too dependent on oil, whether it be foreign or abroad, and alternative fuels and vehicles running on such are far too expensive than the general population can afford. Look at the Tesla roadster, for example, that’s more of a fashion statement than anything else. Why not build an electric car for the masses instead?

However, McCain has proposed that car makers be fined for not abiding by fuel-efficiency standards. He also wants to implement incentives for those using domestic and foreign alcohol-based fuels like ethanol, but he fails to realize that ethanol is a dead end. The aforementioned proposal would also provide US car makers with a tax credit of $5,000 for each zero-carbon emissions vehicle sold.

Yeah, I hope this catches on, but something tells me the car makers of this country will squash this idea rather quickly. It’s sad, really.