• Ukrainian Startup MP3Count Springs Up To Sell Music For Pennies

    The legal travails of Russian music download service AllOfMP3, which sold music for a few cents per download, are well known. Whether or not it was legal under Russian law, the site was shut down after massive U.S. government pressure on the Russian government and a $1.65 trillion RIAA lawsuit. AllOfMP3 lives on through an affiliated site called MP3Sparks, although the site is often down for… Read More

  • Lawsuit against dropped by RIAA

    Remember, the easy to use, consumer-friendly music downloading site based in Russia? It got shut down last July amidst threats that Russia wouldn’t be able to join the World Trade Organization. It’s a long story; read more here and here. Well, the RIAA brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against back in December of 2006, saying that the company made… Read More

  • AllofMP3 To Rise From The Dead

    The owners of the now infamous cut price Russian MP3 retail site AllofMP3 have posted that the site will soon recommence trading. The announcement follows a Russian court decision August 15 that found AllofMP3’s previous CEO was not guilty of breaching Russian copyright laws, and therefore the AllofMP3 service was legal. EMI, NBC Universal and Time Warner had led the legal case… Read More

  • Russian Court Finds AllofMP3 Legal

    A Russian court has found the former head of AllofMP3 not guilty of breaching copyright, a decision that finds the now shut AllofMP3 legal under Russian Law. EMI, NBC Universal and Time Warner took Denis Kvasov to court claiming that AllofMP3’s cheap prices breached copyright laws. AllofMP3 went offline July 2 following continued pressure from the US Government on Russia to shut the… Read More

  • AllofMP3 Goes Down In Midst of Much Bigger WTO Scuffle

    It looks like the RIAA and big music labels have won a battle, if not the war, against massively popular AllOfMP3, a Russian music download site that sells MP3s for as little as two cents per megabyte. The site has been shut down, again, reportedly at the hands of the Russian government. Russia agreed to force the site to shut down last year, in response to pressure by the U.S. government and… Read More

  • AllOfMp3 Down For 8 Hours And Counting

    Embattled grey market music retail site AllOfMP3 has been offline for the last 8 hours at of 2:37 am PST, according to monitoring service Pingdom. Their sister site AllTunes (see profile here) is still up, and the company has not posted any message about the outage. Still, the sheer amount of force being applied by the U.S. government and the RIAA to shut AllOfMP3 down may eventually kill… Read More

  • AllofMP3 Owes RIAA $1.65 trillion

    According to the RIAA at least. In a lawsuit filed in a New York court, the RIAA has demanded that AllofMP3 owes it $1.65 trillion. The debt is the result of 11 million AllofMP3 downloads since Oct. 2006. If you do the math, that equates to $115,000 per track—it’s a good thing the RIAA doesn’t run its own download service. AllofMP3 has dismissed the charges on its website… Read More

  • AllOfMP3 Responds To RIAA's $1.65 Trillion Lawsuit

    Russia-based, DRM-free music download site AllOfMP3 made a brief statement today in response to the RIAA’s $1.65 trillion lawsuit, filed in New York against them. In effect, they told the RIAA to go pound sand: “AllofMP3 understands that several U.S. record label companies filed a lawsuit against Media Services in New York,” an unnamed “senior company official”… Read More

  • I Wish Google Could Buy AllofMP3

    A number of record labels finally pulled the trigger and filed suit against Russian music site AllofMP3 today. The lawsuit was filed in New York. Given that AllofMP3 maintains that it complies with Russian law, it might not be a stretch to assume that AllofMP3 won’t be showing up for their day in (a U.S.) court. AllofMP3 is still in business, but under a triage of attacks. Their own… Read More

  • Russia Agrees To US Request To Shut Down

    An official document posted to Digg today summarizes an agreement between the U.S. and Russia in which Russia has agreed to close down, and any sites that “permit illegal distribution of music and other copyright works.” The agreement is dated November 19 and posted to the Web site for the Office of the United States Trade Representative. It summarizes the joint… Read More

  • AllofMP3 Outsources Marketing to U.S. Government

    AllofMP3 is a Russian web service that sells digital music at very low prices without any copy protection. The service, which would clearly be illegal in the U.S. and many other countries, continues to operate apparently legally under Russian law. Our previous coverage of AllofMP3 is here. AllofMP3 has become the center of attention in major trade negotiations between the U.S. and Russia… Read More

  • AllofMP3 Down – For Good?

    The extremely popular, quasi-legal AllofMP3 site went down over the weekend and is not yet back up. The site currently says “We are sorry but the server is closed for maintainance.” We’ve written about AllofMP3 a number of times, including a review of their iTunes-like client software and as part of a general review of downloadable music. AllofMP3 offers DRM-free… Read More

  • AllOfMP3 Launches allTunes

    AllofMP3 has released a beta of its latest desktop music library and download tool allTunes. Although the name is an obvious play on iTunes, those farmiliar with AllOFMP3 will know that they are infamous for extremely cheap, high quality and quasi-legal music downloads on the web. allTunes is a windows desktop or smartphone interface to the AllOFMP3 library, allowing users to find and… Read More