Ukrainian Startup MP3Count Springs Up To Sell Music For Pennies

The legal travails of Russian music download service AllOfMP3, which sold music for a few cents per download, are well known. Whether or not it was legal under Russian law, the site was shut down after massive U.S. government pressure on the Russian government and a $1.65 trillion RIAA lawsuit.

AllOfMP3 lives on through an affiliated site called MP3Sparks, although the site is often down for days at a time.

Now a newcomer has launched, MP3Count, which also sells DRM-free MP3 song downloads for less than $0.20 each. The company is based in the Ukraine and can take advantage of some of the same grey-area copyright laws that AllOfMP3 relied on.

MP3Count also gives users a reason to spread the word. Each user is given an affiliate link and 10% of the funds charged by any users that sign up for the service via the link is added to their account.