all about linux 2008

All About Linux 2008: Should Microsoft be afraid of Linux?

[photopress:linuxvmsftpa.jpg,full,center] With kind regards to Penny-Arcade Does Microsoft fear Linux? Should it fear Linux? Does it fear Linux only in certain sectors, like Web servers, and not other

All About Linux 2008: How to install Ubuntu

Installing Ubuntu is literally as easy as dropping in a disk. However, it is important to understand that Ubuntu needs its own clean drive to run correctly. If you are a beginner, we would suggest ins

All About Linux 2008: How CrunchGear's Linux Week made me hate Linux

[photopress:linux.jpg,full,center] My feature for this week was to be “Linux rocks your Windows box” or something of the sort. Great, I thought. I’ll take Wubi for a spin, see how it

All About Linux 2008: Ten great live distros

One of the great features of many Linux distributions is the ability to test them out before committing to installing them on your hard drive. Live distributions can be burned to bootable CDs, DVDs, f

All About Linux 2008: 5 more cool devices running Linux that you're not using but should

[photopress:fonera.jpg,full,center] Linux, as we’ve been stressing all week, is not just for desktops. Linux works in all sorts of ways on all sorts of devices. Embedded Linux is a popular choic

The Unreasonable Stance: All About Linux 2008 edition: Linux sucks

Devin Coldewey Contributor More posts by this contributor How to tell friends you got home safe with iPhone’s new Check In feature This AI used GPT-4 to become an expert Minecraft player Welcome

All About Linux 2008: An interview with Gerry Carr of Ubuntu

[photopress:prec_m90ubuntu.jpg,full,center] Today I got to chat with Gerry Carr, a product manager for Canonical, the people behind Ubuntu, the very popular desktop version of Linux. Besides the merit

All About Linux 2008: Penguins fly! An interview with Charles Ogilvie, Virgin America's head of In-Flight Entertainment

Rather than bore you with a handful of other random gadgets and doodads that run Linux, I’ve decided to focus on one really big thing that’s phenomenal. So I present to you, dear readers, with Vir

All About Linux 2008: Linux distros I've loved before

In honor of Linux week, I’d like to talk about some distros I’ve known and loved. This isn’t an exhaustive list and many aren’t really distros, but it’s more an exercise

Sweded LoTR

[youtube] Just in time for All About Linux week we offer this little Sweded gem. After all, those twisty little passages didn’t invent thems

All About Linux 2008: Five cool devices running embedded Linux that you aren't using

[photopress:five1.jpg,full,center] As previously mentioned in this week’s Orientation, Linux is not limited to just desktops. It’s far reaching, actually. Not that you’d have a Terminal app on i

The random endorsement, All About Linux 2008 edition: Open Source Software

[photopress:endorse032608.jpg,full,right] Continuing with this week’s festival do Linux, I’ll be endorsing open source software today. Not so random, no. Only software that’s free as

All About Linux 2008: Your next cellphone will probably run Linux, and you won't even know it

Linux, as most people think of it, is an alternative desktop OS for nerds. And those people are right: the vast majority of machines running Linux are the personal computers of hobbyists and enthusias

All About Linux 2008: Great Moments in Linux History

[] The above video may or may not be an accurate depiction of the early days of Linux.

All About Linux 2008: Aren't UNIX and Linux the same thing? Yes and no.

The “What’s the difference between UNIX and Linux?” question can be answered similar to the analogy section that many of us had to complete on the SAT test; UNIX is to DOS as Linux i

All About Linux 2008: Why use Linux?

Purdy! You know who you are: the guy who doesn’t do Linux. Windows works fine, all of your software works under Windows, and things are much cooler when you don’t have to worry about all t

All About Linux 2008: A Linux Orientation

Keeping with our Linux theme for the week, I present this week’s Orientation on, well, Linux. Despite a market share of less than 1 percent for the Linux OS compared to 92 percent for Windows and a

Welcome to CrunchGear's All About Linux 2008

As a service to you, our dear readers, and to us, the clueless morons, we’re going to explore Linux in all its guises this week, deciding once and for all if this crazy, hippy-dippy thing they c