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Snap blocks Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia to “comply with local laws”

Snap has bowed to pressure from the government of Saudi Arabia to censor a news channel operated by the Qatar-based news broadcaster, Al Jazeera, from the Snapchat Discover section of its app.

Al Jazeera America’s Bet On Serious News Only Snags 13,000 Daily Viewers

Earlier today, the New York Post reported that the newly launched Al Jazeera American cable news channel has very low ratings. For its first few months, the channel has averaged around 13,000 viewers

Al Jazeera Has Bought Its Way Into Viewers’ Homes With A Deal For Al Gore’s Current TV (CONFIRMED)

Qatar-financed news organization Al Jazeera is close to a deal for Current, which would make it available to a majority of cable viewers around the country. Current might not have gotten high ratings,

Al Jazeera's Social Revolution (In Realtime)

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Al Jazeera adds live streaming to mobile website and makes iPhone apps free

<img src="" alt="" title="al" width="275" height="181" class="shot" /><a href="">Al Jazeera</a>’s mobile Media uni