AI Safety Summit

At Bletchley, Rishi Sunak confirms AI Safety Institute but delays regulations for another day

A Frontier AI taskforce established by the U.K. back in June to prepare for the AI Safety Summit held this week is on course to be a permanent fixture, as the U.K. bids to take a leadership role on AI

China’s tech vice minister calls for ‘equal rights’ at global AI summit in UK

Despite the ongoing technological decoupling between China and the West, both sides are converging to discuss the threat that runaway artificial intelligence may pose to humanity. Wu Zhaohui, China&#8

Politicians commit to collaborate to tackle AI safety, US launches safety institute

The world is locked in a race, and competition, over dominance in AI, but today, a few of them appeared to come together to say that they would prefer to collaborate when it comes to mitigating risk.

Who’s going (and who’s not) to the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park?

Ahead of the AI Safety Summit starting tomorrow morning taking place outside of London in Bletchley Park, today, the U.K. government has confirmed more details about who is actually going to be attend

Existential risk? Regulatory capture? AI for one and all? A look at what’s going on with AI in the UK

The promise and pitfall of artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. Some say AI will save us: It’s already on the case to fix pernicious health problems, patch up digital divides in ed