9 strategies that will help you overcome your fear of fundraising

Don’t let fear disempower you and delay your raise: It is the path to death for your startup.

Ravel emerges from stealth with privacy-first data tools based on scalable homomorphic encryption

The world has gotten a lot more serious about privacy and data protection, but in many cases business models that rely on personalization of one kind or another have struggled to keep up. Today, a sta

From NDA to LOI: What really happens when your startup is being acquired?

While IPOs may get more headlines, a well-timed, well-planned acquisition can mean even larger opportunities for you, your team and the technologies you’ve built.

How to check for founder-investor alignment before you start fundraising

As funding gets harder to come by, your risk tolerance may change, but your process for evaluating investors should not.

Growth cheat code: Use fractional hiring to stay on plan when cutting costs

The coming years will see a contractor-first strategy become even more prevalent, and small companies will have an opportunity to employ this strategy effectively.

Amazon takes a Prime step back into restaurant delivery in the US with big Grubhub investment and partnership

Amazon tried but then ultimately stepped away from building its own cost-intensive Grubhub and DoorDash competitor in the U.S. back in 2019. Now three years on, it’s taking a different approach

Use chronological scenario planning to help your startup get through a potential recession

We have spent over a decade being conditioned to plan for the upside. But getting really good at preparing for the downside will help you thrive through this next cycle.

Felix Capital closes fourth fund at $600M, its biggest yet

Amid rising uncertainty about how financing will look for tech in the months and maybe years to come, one of the newer kids on the VC block in Europe is today announcing the closing of its latest and

Starting up remotely? Keep these labor laws and tax guidelines in mind

You don’t want to be doing a great thing for your business -- finding the right talent in the right location -- and then be hit with a penalty because you didn’t properly register an employee.

How to evolve your DTC startup’s data strategy and identify critical metrics

We’re generally big fans of plug-and-play business intelligence tools, but they won’t scale with your business. Don’t rely on them after you’ve outgrown them.

Data-driven fintech Tifin valued at $842M in new $109M Series D round

There’s been talk throughout the venture ecosystem of a funding slowdown, but AI-powered fintech platform Tifin seems to be a clear exception. The Boulder, Colorado-based startup, which aims to

6 places where investors look for problems when you’re fundraising

It takes time and effort to gather, verify and package all this information for external review, so it helps to know what data and documents will be needed well before you enter the process.

Cram downs are a character test for VCs and founders

For common shareholders (employees, advisers and previous investors), a cram-down round is a big middle finger, as it comes with reverse split.

Does your startup have enough runway? 5 factors to consider

While it’s not easy to convey less than stellar news about your company to investors and other stakeholders, it’s absolutely critical to be transparent.

4 critical relationships that will help your startup succeed

Here are four groups of people I recommend spending more time with, starting today.

5 things first-time founders must remember when working with VCs

I was so focused on the product experience that I didn’t think through other strategic initiatives like marketing, partnerships, or, at times, fundraising.

3 factors to consider when building an early-stage cloud sales team

Founders often come from successful cloud firms and have seen what an efficient sales machine looks like at the growth stage. But that is very different from a company just starting its sales engine.

Be an entrepreneur who leads with transparency

The point where "faking it" translates into stating untruths to investors, customers and oneself is the point at which ego and reality collide, and ego in some cases ends up as the winner.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Climate tech survey, sex tech strategy, startup advisor compensation

For our latest survey, we contacted 14 investors who are active in climate tech. Beyond sharing their investment thesis, they also let us know what they’re looking for and how they measure success.

Why I’m using a credit facility to grow my startup

For our business model, raising a credit facility to fund all of the spend for our customers made the most sense.
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