PayPal picking Pinterest puts us in a parsing pickle

Look, we don’t get it either. Taking some time as a group to sit around and chat through the possibly impending PayPal-Pinterest deal, Natasha and Alex didn’t wind up cracking the story. W

Mobile App Postagram Now Lets You Send Photo Postcards For Free, Sponsored By Brands

<a target="_blank" href="">Postagram</a>, the mobile app from <a target="_blank" href="">Sincerely</a> that turns your photos into postcards you can mail

So this is what Toshiba spent $3 million on?

I actually missed this commercial yesterday and I’m glad I did. Part of me expected something spectacular while the other half expected something pretty piss-poor. Looks like the latter won out.

Durex condom ad infuriates sound engineers

So the latest ad from Durex for the Performa condoms is meant to show your ability to last longer, but a few of the commenters have pointed out that the ad is inaccurate and that it shows a span of se