Cowboy Ventures just rounded up $95 million for its third fund

Cowboy Ventures, the early-stage venture firm launched in 2012 by longtime VC Aileen Lee, has lassoed $95 million in capital commitments for its third fund, up from the $55 million that it raised for

Cisco is acquiring business intelligence startup Accompany for $270M

Cisco just announced an agreement to acquire Accompany, which uses artificial intelligence to build databases of people and relationships at companies. Founder and CEO Amy Chang has compared the produ

Mia Contacts takes another shot at a smart contacts app with $3M in funding

Editor’s Note: After publication, a reader pointed out on Twitter that mia Contacts will text your contacts on your behalf when tagging a contact. CEO Amit Kumar said on Twitter that this is an atte

VC Aileen Lee just offered some very specific advice to female founders looking for funding

Researchers from HBR discovered that investors tend to ask men questions about the potential for gains at their startups, while they ask women about the potential for losses. At Y Combinator's Female

Accompany’s digital chief-of-staff application launches in beta

Many executives and employees have need for a role that’s basically a “chief of staff” — someone who keeps track of all the details about everyone they encounter and are headed off