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Boston’s ClearMotion funded by Nio Capital to switch on in-car metaverse in China

U.S.-China decoupling is expected to discourage cross-border investments between the two superpowers as investors shy away from sanctions and geopolitical risks. But in some areas, Chinese investors a

Gluware raises $43M for ‘RPA’ tech that automatically detects and fixes anomalies in network configurations

Facebook’s network meltdown earlier this month — an outage that initially¬†stemmed from a configuration error — was a huge pain for many users (and a big cost to Facebook). For enter

VidMob Raises $2M To Build A Marketplace Where You Can Find Professional Video Editors

So you've shot some cool video footage ‚ÄĒ congrats! But if it needs any editing, you've still got a lot of work ahead of you. Or you could try out a startup called <a target="_blank" href="http://

House Party Is A Serious Business, Scores $5.3 Million

<a href=""></a>, a site that <a href="">helps</a> people throw <a href="">brand-s