Abundant Robotics

Abundant’s new owner looks to revive the apple-picking robot through equity crowdfunding

Last summer, Hayward-based Abundant Robotics abruptly closed up shop. Plenty of startups fail, a phenomenon that certainly applies in the notoriously difficult world of robotics. But the pandemic has

Remembering the startups we lost in 2021

When we penned the intro for this piece last year, little did we know that — in many ways — we’d still be deep in it by the time 2021’s feature rolled around. Amid another holiday seas

Robot response team

I’ve been working on a big project the past several days (more on that soon), which means, unfortunately, I’ve been away from the daily breaking news. That means, in turn, that I really haven’t

Abundant’s apple harvesting robots get their first commercial deployment

We’ve been writing about Abundant Robotics for roughly three years at this point. Now the SRI spin-out is finally ready for prime time. Abundant announced this week that New Zealand-based T&G Gl

Abundant Robotics rakes in $10 million for apple harvesting robots

GV (formerly Google Ventures) is leading a $10 million investment in Abundant Robotics, a company building apple-picking robots that could eventually be adapted to harvest other fruits. Joining GV in