Apple R&D spending is up as the company looks to new products

The big takeaway from today’s Apple earnings call: The company is investing in the future. While it’s true that revenue took a dip from $49.61 billion this quarter last year down to $42.4 billion,

Apple’s revenue dives 33 percent in Greater China

China impacted Apple's bottom line quite a lot this quarter — and not in a good way. But the company still plans to invest in the country, Apple CEO Tim Cook said right after <a target="_blank" href

Apple’s cash on hand decreased for the first time in nearly two years

Apple just reported earnings for Q3 2016, and the company soundly beat analyst’s expectations. However, there was one number that we’re not used to seeing. Apple’s cash on hand actu

iPhone, iPad and Mac sales are down, but Apple only cares about services now

Apple just reported its Q3 2016 earnings, and investors are sending its stock through the roof. While the company managed to beat analysts’ expectations, Apple is selling less iPhones, iPads and Mac

Apple beats earnings expectations by a mile, and its stock is soaring

Apple needed a breakout quarter after its last whiff, and boy did it get one. The company reported revenue of $42.4 billion and earnings of $1.42 per share. Analysts were expecting earnings of $1.