StumbleUpon’s 5by Relaunches As An App For Chatting About Online Videos With Friends

5by, the video recommendation startup that became StumbleUpon’s first acquisition¬†last fall, is relaunching its mobile apps for iOS and Android today with a slightly different focus: instead of

In Its First Acquisition, StumbleUpon Buys Video Recommendation Startup 5by

Content discovery service StumbleUpon is announcing that it has acquired <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/07/22/5by-wants-to-be-your-web-video-concierge-and-its-taking-aim-at-phones-and-tvs-too/">

5by Wants To Be Your Web Video Concierge, And It’s Taking Aim At Phones And TVs, Too

I like to think we've all been here at one point: You're bored out of your wits and rather than try to do something productive, you just spend hour after endless hour on YouTube. The problem that tend