Channel 4 appoints new online chief, 4iP to report directly

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Audioboo, the Twitter-for-audio, closes first major round

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4iP invests in iPhone fitness app GymFu, and a new service to help parents choose a school

<img src="http://eu.beta.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/4iP.jpg" alt="4iP" title="4iP" width="123" height="103" class="shot" />[UK] Channel 4’s <a href="http://www.4ip.org.uk/">4iP</a> fund will

4iP makes £350k equity investment in MyBuilder.com

Channel 4’s 4iP fund has acquired a minority equity stake in former Seedcamp winner, MyBuilder.com for £350,000. As part of the deal, MyBuilder.com’s services will be integrated into Chan

Online content + printing press = customised newspapers FTW

Following the success of AudioBoo, 4iP has unveiled another investment with the potential to completely change the face of mainstream media – though this time, it’s all about print. Newspa

AudioBoo out of beta, now available at App Store

AudioBoo, the audio blogging platform and iPhone app that was launched in private beta in January, is now freely available at the App Store. It’s one of 4iP’s first investments – bac