• Ex-CNETer Launches Iminta

    San Francisco Iminta launches into private beta on Tuesday. Like a number of other startups, you tell the service the various social networks where you have accounts (delicious, flickr, YouTube, Lastfm, etc.) and the service creates a master list of everything you are up to on those sites. Your friends can then subscribe to your master feed, and/or you to theirs. There are other services that… Read More

  • Plaxo Launches Pulse Widget

    Pulse, which launched earlier this summer, is Plaxo’s foray into social networking. After years of collecting users’ contact information and address book contacts, they took the next step and created a social network around all that data. One of the big features they added was a place for users to add information about what they are up to on any of dozens of other social… Read More

  • 30Boxes Partners With PBWiki

    PBWiki is on a bit of a roll. After confirming a $2 million round of financing last week, they’ve just launched a partnership with 30Boxes that allows users to insert a calendar into a wiki. Actually getting the calendar into the wiki requires way too many steps, and I agree with 30Boxes founder Narendra Rocherolle that this should be made into a template option, as Jotspot did in… Read More

  • 30 Boxes Ready To Take Out Online Calendar Space

    30 Boxes is an online calendar application that is targeting the mainstream consumer market who until now have not adopted calendaring online or offline. 30 Boxes is another contender in a very crowded market (as previously noted on Techcrunch) which has recently confirmed Google as the latest entrant (also seen on Techcrunch). 30 Boxes has some strong differential points and the team has… Read More