Kodak has a 3-inch OLED photoframe with digital TV

[photopress:ELTV_Front_s.jpg,full,center]The one thing I’ve had against digital photo frames is that they’re showy. They have to be backlit, which makes them stand out, and looks odd. OLED

Sharp goes micro with new 1Seg tuners

[photopress:1seg.jpg,full,center] We don’t have 1Seg digital TV here in the states, but it’s popular in Asia as a way to watch TV on portable devices, and those devices are going to get ev

Gigabeat V81 gets upgrades; Why can't we have 1Seg here?

[photopress:Toshiba_gigabeat_V81_1.jpg,full,center] Toshiba’s Gigabeat was the foundation of the first Zune. Microsoft picked Toshiba’s offering because they’re solid PMPs, and in Ja

Rejoice Japan! 1Seg TV Tuner coming to DS Lite

Nintendo of Japan knows that if the ability to watch TV on a portable console is possible, it must happen. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a 1seg TV Tuner is coming to the Nintendo DS Lite No

Sony XDV-100 Portable TV, AM/FM Radio: Limited Use Outside of Japan

Sony’s XDV-100 portable TV might only interest those of you in Japan because it uses the 1Seg TV standard, something that’s only available over there. Shame, because the 2.8-inch QVGA scre