Gigabeat V81 gets upgrades; Why can't we have 1Seg here?


Toshiba’s Gigabeat was the foundation of the first Zune. Microsoft picked Toshiba’s offering because they’re solid PMPs, and in Japan they’re quite popular. Our Japanese readers will be happy to hear that the V series is getting upgraded hotness, the V81. Gone is the paltry 4GB storage, doubled to 8GB. It will also be getting an SDHC slot for expansion.

Video can be played from the card slot, meaning you can copy your Mp4s to the card insert it into the slot, and you’re good to go.

What’s fun though is the 1Seg digital TV tuner with record capabilities, meaning this little handheld is a portable, solid-state DVR. Coolness.

Toshiba upgrade its gigabeat V Series with the V81 [Akihabara]