• After Its 12 Seconds Of Fame, 12seconds.tv Fizzles Out

    Video micro-messaging is hard. Remember when Seesmic was supposed to be the Twitter of video before it mothballed that idea and morphed into a family of realtime streaming apps instead? Now 12seconds.tv, which launched in 2008 with the simple idea of leaving short, public, 12-second video messages for people on the Web, is calling it quits. The team tried to pivot, introducing an early… Read More

  • 12Seconds Teams With TweetDeck, Enhances Third Party API

    12seconds.tv, the ‘video Twitter‘ that allows users to send brief video clips counting twelve seconds in length, has announced that is now fully integrated into popular Twitter client Tweetdeck, which will now allow users to both record and receive 12seconds messages (previously they had only been able to receive messages). The site is also going to begin allowing third party sites… Read More

  • You Have 12 Seconds To Talk Like A Pirate

    Phreadz and Seesmic competitor 12seconds.tv, which we’ve billed as the true “video Twitter” because it restricts clips to twelve seconds in length, has opened its private beta doors for one day only in celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day. While registration isn’t usually open to the public, today’s visitors to 12seconds.tv will get a chance to record their… Read More

  • 12Seconds.tv Releases Video Status API (500 Invites)

    How do you spread adoption of your startup’s technology if it is still in private alpha? Release an API! That is what 12seconds.tv is doing today. As I noted when it launched, 12seconds.tv is like Twitter for video. It gives you 12 seconds to broadcast a video message. Now the startup is offering an API for developers who want to include the feature into the own apps. In this way… Read More