12Seconds Teams With TweetDeck, Enhances Third Party API

12seconds.tv, the ‘video Twitter‘ that allows users to send brief video clips counting twelve seconds in length, has announced that is now fully integrated into popular Twitter client Tweetdeck, which will now allow users to both record and receive 12seconds messages (previously they had only been able to receive messages).

The site is also going to begin allowing third party sites and applications to integrate 12seconds recording functionality through an API (as with TweetDeck, they previously had been unable to record messages). Developers will need to request a key to access the API, and will gradually be allowed to access the system over the next two weeks.

The news marks a significant win for 12seconds, as it will instantly help expose it to the many TweetDeck users, many of whom are considered Twitter ‘power-users’ and are thus more likely to be interested in this kind of rich media sharing. Other services that have also been integrated into TweetDeck include TwitScoop, which tracks hot trending topics on Twitter in real-time, and StockTwits, a Twitter-based community revolving around stocks and investments.

Loïc Le Meur’s Seesmic is behind TweetDeck competitor Twhirl, so it’s worth noting that the latter Twitter desktop client already offered integration with a video conversation service.