Sony's 240Hz HDTV – is it worth the extra grand?

[image credit: CNET] The short answer is: almost certainly not. The benefits of a 120Hz refresh rate are pretty clear, but as I noted when Sony had people playing Gran Turismo at 240FPS, there is a po

New Vizio LCD TVs sport 120Hz and actually nice sound output

The new 55″ VF550XVT1A (catchy) LCD TV from Vizio looks like it’s got all the features that make buying a new TV worthwhile. With the Smooth Motion Video 120Hz refresh rate feature, this T

Viewsonic's 120Hz LCD prototype is a gamer's dream come true

Today at Nvision, Viewsonic showcased a 22-inch LCD prototype with a 3ms gray-to-gray response time and 120Hz technology. The unnamed display (currently dubbed the VX2265wm, but it could change) also

Olevia's 120Hz HDTV makes me want to go to CES

No bones about it. I’m not looking forward to CES. My schedule makes me want to vomit. I’m liable to snap at some PR rep from exhaustion or from them showing me the 100th iPod case that no