Yo Has Spawned An Army Of Clones

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Yo Has Spawned An Army Of Clones

Yo, a so-dumb-it’s-smart (?) app now valued at $10 million following its $1.5 million seed funding round, lets you send brief audio messages to friends that simply say “Yo.” I’m not making this up. This is Idiocracy in action, my friends.

The buzz around Yo was nearly as deafening as that around Flappy Bird for basically the same reasons: This? This is a thing?! 



And when there’s buzz, there are those who look to ride the coattails of what they believe is the next new wave – in this case, the future of mobile messaging…perhaps. Single-purpose, push button apps may actually have a variety of use cases thanks to their simplicity, the argument goes. Yo has been warning Israeli citizens of missile strikes, for example. Yo also now has its own IFTTT channel, for a variety of alerts. But the hype around Yo has led to the creation of a variety of Yo-like services.

Some are meant to be parodies, like the hilarious Yo, Hodor, while others are sent to our inboxes with straight-faced pitches about how such-and-such is the new and improved Yo, for real.

Behold, all the many Yo clones.



High school interns working in San Francisco built YoFrom, a Yo for your location. Instead of just Yo’ing, YoFrom attaches your current venue to your Yo. Tell everywhere you’ve arrived at the bar, or that you’ve just gotten into town by Yo’ing from the train station.

Download: iOSAndroid



TAP, a self-described “Snapchat for Location” also lets you broadcast your location to friends, without you even having to unlock your phone. Founded by TED fellow Apurv Mishra, the app also claims to be 4 times faster than Yo.

Download: TAP has yet to launch, but appears to be aiming for iOS and Android.


Yo, Hodor

Hodor, a Yo parody app, is not a serious attempt at riding the Yo wave, but rather a thumbing of its nose at the trend. Why Yo, when you can Hodor? I mean, HODOR!

This Game of Thrones-inspired Yo Clone simply shouts HODOR! to friends. Download: iOS


Yo Messenger

Yo Messenger doesn’t try to hide its Yo inspiration while targeting users with a slightly more advanced feature set that lets you send one-word messages like “OK” or “Loveyou” instead of just “Yo.”

Download: Android



A Draper University participant has built aiYo, the “Yo for India” along with a small team. The project took about 8-10 hours to complete. aiYo is also a parody of Yo, the creators explained.

“The reason for this parody is the absurdness that we cannot comprehend. People struggle day in and day out and do not get a face to face with an investor and Yo gets a funding of $1.2 million,” said team member Rohith Veerajappa. Download: Android



Arnold lets you communicate with one-touch “shout-ifications.” That is, this Arnold character will talk for you, shouting your message to your friend via their smartphone. And that message can be much more than just a “Yo.”

Download: iOS


Dude! Seriously, Dude.

Yet another parody app, this time from the team at mobile marketplace HappySale, Dude simply shouts “Dude!” to your friends instead of “Yo.” Bonus points for cranking this one out in just 4 hours.

Download: Android



While some people were content sending “Yo’s” to each other, the team behind this app felt that a “Yo” wasn’t enough. With Oye, you can send an “Oye!” instead. Plus, the company told us, the app was designed to have more of an “Indian feel.”

“The Indian feeling and simplicity are what we think will differentiate Oye! from other messaging and communication apps,” they told us.

I don’t even…

Download: Android



Because how can you have a Yo without an accompanying YOLO? YOLO is pretty much just like the original Yo app except, of course, its message is different. “Open the app, tap YOLO, that’s it.” Download: Android, iOS



Hehe is the Chinese version of Yo, which creator Sun Liang from HackPlan told reporters was “just a stupid app.” In other words, another parody.

“We read some news about Yo and we thought that might be a great chance to make fun of them,” he said.

Download: APK file directly from the Hehehe.im website.



AHOY was a weekend project built by engineers at Confide, a somewhat more serious mobile messaging company backed by $2 million. Like a few of the other clones, AHOY sends its greeting alongside your current location.

Download: iOS



Hey was reportedly another Yo-like app announced here on Medium, and then picked up by Business Insider (which has since pulled the post down.) Hey was a fake though, as it turned out.

It was just a joke. (But really, who could tell any more?)

Download: Nope!



Like Yo, but instead of sending audio greetings, you press and hold on someone’s name to send them hearts instead.

And your hearts get bigger the more you receive.

Download: iOS



Oi is a simple way to communicate, but instead of shouting Yo, it shouts Oi.

Download: iOS



Another parody app – this one just says ‘sup!

Download: iOS



Bark is an app that allows you to pick a dog, and bark to everyone else with the app within one mile of where you are. The creators are pitching it as “the simplest form of communication in your neighborhood.” (And yes, it’s a joke.) You can watch the barking live here.

Download: iOS, Android



Not enough Yo copycats for you? (There are actually several more on Google Play, but having 10 downloads probably doesn’t warrant inclusion in a round-up.)

Still, if you think the perfect Yo clone has not yet been built, then there’s actually this Yo App clone script available.

Yo, go clone your own Yo.