20 New Ways Facebook Is Eating The Internet

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20 New Ways Facebook Is Eating The Internet

Facebook never, ever, ever wants you to leave. That’s why it’s replicating features from other apps and pulling content like videos and news articles inside its app. The more time you spend on Facebook, the more it accomplishes its “open and connected” mission, and the more money it makes by showing you ads. Here’s 20 new ways it’s assimilating the Internet, in GIFs and photos.


Dedicated Video Feed

Facebook wants to eat video not by being YouTube where you watch something specific, but by showing you videos you didn’t know you cared about, like with this dedicated Video feed.


Suggested Videos

If you do watch something specific, Facebook will now recommend related videos so you keep watching. You just swipe down when the first clip finishes to see Suggested Videos.


Picture-In-Picture Video

Facebook doesn’t want you to get bored watching a video and leave, so now it’s trying a picture-in-picture feature so you can shrink a video down, stick it on the side of the screen, and keep browsing News Feed. Great for music videos. GIF via The Next Web


Instant Articles

By pre-caching articles and displaying them inside the Facebook app so they load quickly, the company reduces the risk you’ll leave after reading an article on a publisher’s website


Facebook Instant Ads

Using the same idea and tech as Instant Articles, these rich multi-media ads unfold immediately inside Facebook’s app. That makes you more likely to tap and earn Facebook ad dollars.


Facebook Add A Link

If you want to share a link, Facebook now lets you keyword search for right inside the status composer rather than risking you get distracted while looking for the URL on the web.


Trending Topic Sections

Why read a newspaper when Facebook’s Trending Topics now have sections for politics, science, sports, and entertainment?


Facebook Buy Button

You don’t have to leave Facebook to buy stuff anymore. Buy buttons let you check out from the News Feed using your credit card on file with Facebook.


Shopping Feed

Shopt til you drop without the chaos of the News Feed with Facebook’s new dedicated Shopping Feed. It offers up products related to what you Like so you don’t have to scour the Internet for them.


Shopping Search Engine

Facebook is challenging Google and Amazon with this “Search for products” bar. It will surface products based on what friends and your Pages share.


Shopping Section On Pages

Facebook wants its Pages to replace the website for small businesse that can’t build them. That’s why it just added “Shop” and “Services” sections to mobile Pages so they earn money, not just Likes.


On This Day – aka – TimeHop

Want a dose of nostalgia? Facebook wants you to remember your Facebook memories with its On This Day feature, not with anything else like TimeHop, the app it cloned.


Facebook Doodle – aka – Snapchat

Now you can draw on top of your Facebook Photos… just like on Snapchat. The disappearing photo app is Facebook’s biggest rival, so it’s copying Snapchat’s best features. Image via GeekWire


Facebook Notes – aka – Medium

Facebook polished up its ugly blogging feature Notes, and now it looks distinctly similar to Medium. Facebook wants to be your little status updates and your long-form writing.


Facebook Live – aka – Periscope

Livestreaming like Periscope and Meerkat is all the rage, so Facebook launched its own version called Live. But to avoid boring you with boring people, only celebrities and journalists can use it.


"For Sale" Groups – aka – Craigslist

Strangers on Craigslist are sketchy, so Facebook lets you buy from real people with “For Sale” Groups. The more you’re accustomed to buying on Facebook, the more it can charge retailers for ads.


Video Calling – aka – FaceTime

If you already text with Facebook Messenger, why use another app for video chat? Messenger locks people into Facebook’s ecosystem so it can show them ads elsewhere.


Facebook M Assistant

Facebook Messenger’s M is a hybrid human/ artificial intelligence personal assistant. You can use it to get things done for instead of Googling, using an on-demand app, or doing your own dirty work.


Messenger Payments – aka – Venmo

Now you can pay friends right from inside Messenger rather than using a dedicated payments app like Venmo. Once Facebook has your credit card info, it could sell you other things later.


Messenger GIF Search

Instead of leaving to use Giphy or Google Image Search, Facebook built a GIF browser and search engine into Messenger. [Update: The engine is actually powered by Giphy, but that’s not very clear to users.] It’s a powerful way to prove Messenger is better than SMS.


Bonus: Facebook Eating VR

Facebook’s trying to eat what could one day replace the web, too. The News Feed now supports virtual reality-style 360-degree videos like this Star Wars clip.


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