Items Making a Buck Off The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Items Making a Buck Off The Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ve definitely hit peak Ice Bucket Challenge. There’s now a whole market for items around the campaign meant to raise awareness for ALS that went viral the last couple of weeks. A bunch of online stores are selling costumes, chotchkies and whatever else to capitalize on the campaign that asks people to dump a bucket of ice over their heads or donate to the ALS Association. Here are just a few items making a buck off the challenge to help cure Lou Gehrig’s Disease.


This costume

“The Ice Bucket Challenge is the latest craze in “slacktivism” that helps raise awareness and donations to fund research in the ongoing struggle to end this terrible disease,” says the site. No word on if it plans to use the proceeds to help.


This book

There’s already an “Ice Bucket Challenge for Geniuses” book!

Sells as a gag gift on Amazon for $12.30.

According to listing, “All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charities supporting ALS research.”


This pin

Get it from for starting at $3.95. The price goes down the more you buy. A generous 10% of sales will go to ALS.


This shirt

Comes in styles for men or women. Order in black, blue, gray or white, long sleeve or short sleeve.

Does this actually support the cause or just make a buck off of it? Doesn’t say, but get your t-shirt while the fad to use up all our water by dumping it on yourself lasts!


This decal

Stick it somewhere prominent so they’ll know you suffered and survived. Found on Etsy for $5 from DecalHunters.


This other decal

Also found on Etsy, but for less than the other one. FlintHillsSpecialty sells this decal for $3.25. “Dress up you car or truck window or even your laptop with this Pear Jam Sticker,” reads the description.


This fake million dollar bill

Fake money for a good cause. Sells for $1 online from American Art Classics. All proceeds from this bill do go to


This other t-shirt

More from Etsy. Goes for $11.99 on the DIY and homemade goods platform. T-shirt comes in blue or black. Doesn’t say if the proceeds go to charity.


This "Keep Calm" t-shirt

Again, from Etsy. This one is for $14.95 and urges potential customers to “support ALS w/ buy.” However, it doesn’t seem to mention anything about whether the proceeds actually go to ALS.