Here’s what a bunch of companies are doing for the ‘Net Neutrality Day of Action’

The FCC is planning on reversing the net neutrality rules passed by the previous Commission — but we’re not going to take it lying down. Companies and organizations across the world and web have banded together for a big, showy “Day of Action” much like the SOPA/PIPA one back in 2012.

Dozens of major sites and services are in on it, and while some may just show an alert to visitors asking them to contact the FCC or their representative about the issue, others have more stuff planned. (Lots of companies will be emailing users, posting on social media and submitting their own comments to the FCC, so I won’t mention those, although they’re appreciated.)

Here’s what a bunch of well-known companies and sites are up to today — and we’ll be adding more as we see them, so check back.