Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10

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Here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10

Apple dropped a new iOS 10 beta today. I was expecting a bunch of bug fixes, and at best a couple of tweaks. But it became clear after just a few minutes that the iOS 10 developer beta 4 isn’t your average beta. Apple packed a nice surprise with the update.

With the release of iOS 10 in September, Apple is introducing a groundbreaking technology breakthrough. iOS 10 will get over a hundred new and redesigned emojis. Even the most essential emojis have gotten a new look. So let’s dive into the new emoji family…


Slightly flatter design

With iOS 7, Apple’s updated iOS with a brand new, flat design. And yet, emojis have remained rounded and shiny despite the iOS update.

Three years later, Apple is making the well-known faces slightly flatter with a pastel yellow color 🙃


Bringing more gender diversity to sports

Back in May, Google proposed some improvements to the current emoji set, adding more options to professions. There’s no reason why some professions or activities should be restricted to men or women.

Apple agrees, and now all the sports emojis have a man or woman option. That’s nice 👍


New design alert

These activity emojis already existed. But some of them were heavily redesigned, such as the haircut one. And once again, others, such as the dancing pair, got two gender options ✌️


Even the cats got a new look

Even the cat-mojis got a new flatter design! As for the other faces, Apple has added more details and refined the overall look of all these faces. As always, these emojis are available in multiple skin colors in addition to these yellow ones. But my favorite update is that there is now a boy and girl Sherlock emoji 🕵


All families are welcome

Yes, the change is obvious on this one — monoparental families. This is important and a no brainer. Apple also redesigned all the characters. I really like the new couples with the pink heart. It has more shadows, depth and details 😻


Hand gestures

This is some high definition middle finger technology revolution 🤓


And the best for the end

The robot emoji now looks so much shinier (this emoji is a favorite of mine, so deal with it 🤖 ). But even more important, there’s now a gay pride flag.

And, as you can see, the gun is gone. Apple replaced it with a cute water pistol. It all started with this bug report from Neven Mrgan of Panic.